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Schumacher Racing Menace .21 RTR Race Truck

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Schumacher Racing Menace  RTR RC Truck

The Schumacher Racing Menace is the fastest most exciting RC Truck ever created. The enormous .21 (3.5cc) Pro Spec engine with CNC tuned pipe system is capable of propelling this 4WD Off-Roader to an incredible 70+mph! The unique 'E-Start' system eliminates the problems associated with dated pullstart systems, simply use a standard, cordless, torque drill for effortless, reliable starting. Available with a choice of 2 painted and cut bodyshells, RTR (Ready to Run).


Schumacher Menace .21 RTR Race Truck


'E-Start' 21 ABC Pro Engine (3.5cc)
Speeds of 70+ Mph
3 Speed Gearbox
34 Piece Ballrace Set
MIP Driveshafts
Steel 'Clamp' Hexes
Engineering Polymer Suspension Components
Pre-Cut and Painted Bodyshell (Blue or Red)
CNC Machined Purple Alloy Chassis
CNC Aluminium Tuned Pipe
4WD Transmission
Factory Assembled Chassis and Suspension
Large Purple Heatsink Head
Purple Alloy Adjustable Oil Filled Shocks with Coil Springs
Factory Installed Motor, Tuned Pipe & Transmission
Easy Install Splashproof Radio Tray
12 Ball Limited Slip Front & Rear Differential
Steel Differential Outputs
Fully Enclosed Single Belt Transmission
Powerful Carbon Fibre Disc Brake
Large 125cc Fuel Tank
Speed Secrets Option Parts Available


Power: Nitro 4x4
Weight: 2.4KG
Size: 1/10th Scale 90% Assembled or RTR (Ready to Run)
Length: 450mm
Width: 300mm
Wheelbase: 285mm
Height: approx. 165mm
Speed: 70+Mph

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Schumacher Menace .21 RTR Race Truck

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