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RC Monster Trucks are the top of the food chain

The nitro RC monster truck (often referred to as gas powered rc trucks) category is the the level that all rc modellers aspire to. This seems quite logical as RC monster trucks are the brawniest, toughest looking of all the rc trucks. RC monster trucks provide the user with hours of exciting entertainment. These trucks are built to take the punishment that off roading delivers.

The category of rc monster trucks is divided into two subdivisions: electric powered and nitro gas powered. Both offer extreme levels of enjoyment. Which one is right for you? Often people begin with the electric powered version of a particular rc monster truck and later move to the nitro gas powered version as they become more experienced.

The world of rc monster trucks is dominated by the four wheel drive models. This stands to reason as the main attraction to these trucks is their off road ability. Knowing this then why would anyone opt for the two wheel drive models. The reasoning is too hard to follow when you stop to analyze it. The overriding reason for buying the 2 wheel drive rc truck is that it costs less money. You can save a fair amount of money by not buying the 4 wheel drive models.

There are several manufactures that are building top quality rc monster trucks. Companies like Traxxas make a truck that is capable of topping 40+ miles an hour. This 1/10 scale monster, the Traxxas T-Maxx , is the most popular rc monster truck sold today.

Other companies like HPI , are building 1/8th scale trucks to rival anything that others can build. The HPI Savage is one awesome brute of an rc monster truck. Lets put it this way, the competition is fierce.

For more information on specific RTR RC Monster Trucks, check out our reviews section.

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