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Newcomer Guide to RC Nitro Trucks

If you are a newcomer to the field I suggest you start with an (ready to run) RTR kit. These RTR remote controlled gas trucks often incorporate the truck fully assembled, as well as having the engine pre-installed. Some more advanced models also include a 2 channel radio and the servos pre-installed. This often makes the RTR kit a bit more expensive than its basic unassembled counterpart, but it saves possibly days and maybe weeks of assembly time, frustration and mistakes.

It also avoids the sometimes complicated task of properly matching and choosing a 2-channel radio and servos that match the kit you purchase. There is nothing worse than buying a 2-channel radio set, only to later find it doesn't fit into to your RC car you've just finished assembling.

RTR remote controlled gas cars are a wonderful option for most consumers. There is no greater pleasure than receiving your RTR kit, removing the car from the box, installing some batteries, fuelling it up and starting to drive! How's that for convenience!

The cost of RTR rc trucks are often $50-100 beyond that of the basic kit which requires full assembly. It's up to you which way you go. Some people prefer to build the kit themselves to become more familiar with the RC nitro truck, how it is assembled, and all of its parts. I figure you can easily learn all of that on the go as you tweak and modify the truck while you begin to use it. Otherwise, if buying an unassembled RC gas car kit, figure in 3-5 days of assembly time if you are a novice. Experienced RC builders can probably turn out the working model in a few hours.

Expect to pay anywhere from $150-500 for good level, reliable, trustworthy rc trucks. Remember that is the kit price and RTRs are a bit more expensive than unassembled. Now tack on the price of the 2-channel radio system (if not included), gas, glow plug, glow meter, fuel, and you're looking at an additional $50-150. If the radio is included in the kit you're considering, even better. Additional costs should come in under $50-75.

For more information on specific RTR RC Trucks and store links, check out our reviews section.

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