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......whatever name you give to them, this site will help the RC truck enthusiast zoom from beginner to expert!

New RC Nitro Monster Truck

New RC Nitro Monster Truck

CEN Racing Nemesis 7.7
New from CEN Racing comes the Nitro Monster Truck that has been kept locked up in the basement for way too long. The Nemesis wants revenge and it's ready to eat it's competition for breakfast.


Featured Remote Control Truck

Tamiya Nitro X-TNX Monster Truck
Tamiya introduces a new era in nitro monster truck performance with the TNX. Tamiya designers took a 1/8 chassis, reduced it's weight to that of a 1/10 scale and included an engine with the power of a big block to produce what may become the most dominant nitro monster truck in the market, straight out of the box!

Here you'll find literally everything you need to know about RC trucks. Whether you are a novice or intermediate rc monster truck hobbyist or racer, well take you from 0-60 quicker than you can say "remote control nitro gas monster truck!".

If you want to start from scratch and build your own remote control truck, we give you the tips and tricks you need to get started on building your truck from kits. We also show you how to fix, maintain and tune your trucks to keep them flying through the dirt.

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For those who don't have the patience or skill to put together your own RC truck we review the very best "Ready To Run"RTR trucks on the market today and show you where you can buy them online.

There are a lot of choices to make when deciding which RC monster truck to buy. Our RC monster truck reviews will discuss your options and help you decide which RC truck is right for you. With names like Traxxas, HPI, CEN Racing, Tamiya , Kyosho and more......there is a lot of choice in the marketplace. If you are just getting started, go to our RC monster truck reviews section now. Below are some of the initial choices you will need to make before deciding on which truck to buy.

Gas Powered Nitro or Electric Powered RC Truck?
When choosing what RC truck to buy you should take into account your existing experience and handling ability. There are two types of engines available, gas powered nitro and electric powered. They have very different handling capabilities. Below is a short guide to help you decide.

RC Monster Truck Nitro Chassis

Gas Powered Nitro RC Trucks
These are the fastest and most powerful RC trucks you can buy. Some models like the Schumacher Menace can exceed 70 MPH and the average speed of these monsters is about 45 MPH! Nitro powered trucks are more difficult to handle and are better suited to a more experienced racer.

Team Associated gt RC10  RC Electric Truck

Electric Powered RC Trucks
Beginners most frequently start with battery power because of fewer complications. After you gain some experience you can graduate to nitro power for speed power and versatility. A popular electric RC truck is the Team Associated RC10T4 pictured left.

RC Truck Categories
After you have decided what type of engine you want in your RC truck, you neeed to decide which category of truck you want to buy. Will you be racing it on tarmac or on a track, or would you prefer the off-road rough and tumble dirt tracks?


4x4 Off-Road RC Monster Trucks

RC Nitro powered monster trucks are the newest and hottest craze to hit the market in recent years. These can bounce, jump and fly around the roughest off-road terrain.

RC Stadium Truck

Stadium RC Trucks
RC Stadium Trucks are often misunderstood. After all what's with this stadium thing? Well as strange as it may seem these are modelled after trucks that sometimes race in the big domed stadiums in front of thousands of spectators.

RC Racing Buggy

RC Racing Buggies
An rc buggy is modelled after the real thing and they reflect the way they are built. These vehicles are little more than a light weight frame and roaring engine. They are designed with speed and agility as the most important consideration.

If you are looking to buy an rc truck, we are able to negotiate valuable discounts on ocasion with some of our recommended online suppliers, so remember to check back regularly for some of the very best deals. Bookmark This Site Now!

rc remote control nitro gas monster truck image

In our articles section you can discover tips on whether to choose a nitro or electric truck, breaking in your nitro or electric engines, and find out how and where to race your rc monster truck.

This site has been set up with easy navigation to help you get into the RC truck adrenalin rushing action. It has been developed with the beginner, as well as the intermediate RC monster truck enthusiast in mind.

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